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Tereny Wulkaniczne

Name Monsters Recommended Level
Rotworm Cave Rotworm, Carrior Worm, Rociak The Noob Hunter 8
Dwarf Mines Dwarf, Dwarf Soldier, Dwarf Guard, Thorim 8
Area of Weaker Devils Young Fire Devil, Lesser Fire Elemental, Fire Devil, Witch 10
Cave of the Undead Skeleton, Skeleton Warrior, Ghoul, Crypt Shambler, Mummy 15
Firestarters Castle Firestarter, Imrael 15
Cyclops Mountain Cyclops, Cyclops Drone, Cyclop Smith, Hazalth The Smith Master 20
Bonelord Crypt Crypt Shambler, Mummy, Bonelord, Necromancer, Demon Skeleton, Bonebeast, Elder Bonelord, Oko Sarusmana 30
Vampire Castle Ghoul, Crypt Shambler, Bonelord, Vampire, Bonebeast, Elder Bonelord, Vampire Viscount, Vampire Bride 35
Dragon Lair Dragon Hatchling, Dragon, Dragon Lord Hatchling, Dragon Lord, Demon Claw 35
Souleaters Crypt Bonebeast, Mutated Bat, Souleater 50
Shaburaks Fortress Shaburak Demon, Shaburak Lord, Shaburak Prince 60
Hero Fortress Vicious Squire, Hero, Vile Grandmaster 60
Diabolic Imp Lair Dragon Lord, Vulcongra, Massive Fire Elemental, Diabolic Imp, Hellspawn, Fury, Hellfire Fighter, Destroyer, Dark Torturer, Demon, Furiosa 65
Hellspawn Territory Hellspawn 70
Warlocks Hideout Warlock 75
Plains of the Undead Lost Soul, Grim Reaper, Betrayed Wraith, Undead Dragon, Walking Dead 90
Demons Mountain Dragon Lord, Vulcongra, Massive Fire Elemental, Diabolic Imp, Hellspawn, Fury, Demon 125
Draken Palace Draken Warmaster, Draken Spellweaver, Draken Abomination, Draken Elite, Draken Elite King, Draken Abomination King 140
Fire Mages Academy Fire Mage, Fire Priestess, Pyromancer, Pyroker 150
Hellhounds Mountain Hellspawn, Destroyer, Hellhound 160
Dark Torturers Castle Hellspawn, Destroyer, Dark Torturer, Dark Executioner 170
Hellfire Fighters Mountain Dragon Lord, Massive Fire Elemental, Hellfire Fighter 180
Lava Golem Cave Magma Crawler, Weeper, Lava Golem, Primal Lava Golem 220

Tereny Dzungli

Name Monsters Recommended Level
Quary Young Ice Sea Serpent 222

Tereny Pustynne

Name Monsters Recommended Level
Tomb I Skeleton, Skeleton Warrior, Ghoul, Crypt Schlamber, Mummy, Demon Skeleton 8
Larva Cave Larva, Scarab, Ancient Scarab, Mother Of Scarabs 8
Minotaur Camp Minotaur, Minotaur Archer, Minotaur Guard 15
Terramite Mound Terramite 20
Plains of Roaring Lions Roaring Lion 30
Necromancers Crypt Shadow Pupil, Necromancer, Priestess, Blood Priest, Blood Hand, Zardas Apprentice, Zardas 35
Dragon Lair Dragon Hatchling, Dragon, Dragon Lord Hatchling, Dragon Lord 35
Djinn Towers Blue Djinn, Marid, Felmir The Great One 45
Ogres Area Clomp, Ogre Brute, Ogre Shaman, Ogre Savage, Ogre Butcher 50
Cultist Crypt Novice Of The Cult, Acolyte Of The Cult, Adept Of The Cult, Enlightened Of The Cult, Strange Cultist, Novice Of Decay Cult, Adept Of Decay Cult, Decay Creature, Vorantur 50
Dark Swamp Utopiec 55
Energy Elementals Mountain Energy Elemental 60
Lizard Camps Lizard High Guard, Lizard Legionnaire, Lizard Dragon Priest, Lizard Zaogun 65

Lodowa Ziemia

Name Monsters Recommended Level
cos na lodzie Azure Dragon, Ice Dragon, Demon 12
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